Create your character

On this page, you can build your character the way you want.

  • Choose his name

  • Decide how you want to allocate his starter points

We recommend 7 points in health and 3 in strength for your first gameplay

Once you are happy with the result, click "Create" to launch the game.

Right now there's only one character playable. In the future, it will be playable with your Chunky


  1. Health: Each point invested grants 10 Health. When being damaged by enemies, you lose Health. If your health gets down to 0, you die and respawn at the closest respawn point.

  2. Strength: Each point invested grants 1 strength. Adds 1 point of damage to all your physical attacks

  3. Energy: Each point invested grants 5 energy. Energy is used by casting skills. The more energy you have, the more skills you can cast.

  4. Stamina: Each point invested grants 5 stamina. When running (shift), your character burns stamina. Once your stamina bar reaches 0, you can't run anymore. Stamina replenishes when you aren't running.

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