What is Chunk The Game?

Yeah, we need a name for the game.

For the release of the Chunkies, we will also have a playable demo of our RPG game.

This demo version is not connected to the blockchain.

You'll get to play as a Chunky fighting the malevolent force that took over his kingdom.

We are releasing this version so you can test it and give us feedback on what you enjoy/don't enjoy so we can improve it as we move closer to the P2E release.

The current version will also let us play arround with the tokenomics and change values where they need to be changed - right now, this is not implemented, there is no in-game currency.

Also, the game has been tweaked to have a "quick" progression with a relatively large amount of experience and loot chance from killing monsters.

In the updated version, you'll get to craft new equipment from what you find by exploring!

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