Who are the Chunkies ?

The Chunkies are 3,333 characters living in the Chunk Kingdom. They are 3D models NFTs made of colorful voxels encrypted in the Fantom blockchain. The Chunkies all carry different helmets, armors, shoes, and accessories in addition to being part of the different factions from the Chunk Kingdom. They are experts at farming resources, grinding monsters, and collecting loots to become stronger…

The Chunkies are our second collection on Fantom. They will be the main characters of our game, and they'll be used to gather resources in the kingdom - whether that's fighting monsters, or cutting down trees is up to you!

Our Chunkies will be created by combining 5 different assets, each one from a specific trait. We have over 190 assets in total, ensuring that each of our Chunkies will be unique with a distinct appearance and rarity.

Here's a look at our traits :

  • Character: Representing the faction of your Chunky. Where does he live? In the dark and silent space? At a lovely seaside beach? Or does he carve stone paths in the deep depth of the Kingdom?

  • Helmet: Protecting your Chunky from deadly hits. Who am I kidding? A cool helmet is the ultimate flex!

  • Armor: The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Take it with you now, thank us later

  • Shoes: Better have some good ol’ boots to explore the huge world in front of you

  • Accessories: Rare bling-bling things Chunkies carry as relics

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