Introduction to Chunk NFT

The world has been cut in chunks.

Why? Nobody knows... yet!

There are 64 chunks of a bigger kingdom in the Fantom blockchain. Each chunk is a 3D object made of 64x64x64 voxels we've handcrafted with love - and some fun too !

New collectibles? Chunks!

They all belong to different biomes, you can find them on the map... We won't spoil you with names for areas and stuff, just know that there are several biomes and they all have different themes (hint: some are rarer than others!)

More ? Each chunk has been created with love and care. They are 100% unique with original art. We don't reuse assets and we don't do boring-generative art like most NFT projects... We believe you deserve the finest art: the original Mona Lisa.

Can you figure out the big picture? Everything is interconnected. Chunks click like a puzzle... Figure out who's your neighbor!

If this looks cool to you, wait until we get the 3D map out there so you can explore the world.

We will make sure you can visit the whole map before choosing a plot of to settle: A mini-game in which you can explore the world of Chunk is coming.

Every chunk can be visited, whether you own it or not, you can find them all on the Paintswap marketplace: (Link coming soon)

Feel free to explore them. They are packed with dozens of secrets you can only find by toying with them...

Who knows... You may find patterns, references, ideas and even memes transforming your 3D chunk in a unique piece of art!

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