So you may wonder... "how do I get my chunk?"

It's simple. We are hosting several bid2earn auctions (more on that below).

To mint a Chunk, you must win one of these auctions: https://mint.chunk-nft.com/

Join us on Discord to get priority update for when they happen.


  • Auctions are live !

  • 64 chunks will be minted

    • 56 will be auctioned on our website in a Land-Grab event

    • 3 for the 3 projects/organisations/people that helped us the most

    • 4 to reward those who believed in us from day 1 (giveaway)

    • 1 will go to the artist (Hello !)

  • Secondary Sales

    • We are working hard so we can get a featured collection on Paintswap :)

  • ORIGINAL! You get the whole package

    • Commercial rights of your chunk as long as you have it in your wallet

    • Get the 3D file used to build your chunk - and edit it as you want off-chain (not available from launch)

  • UNIQUE! Rather than minting a random Chunk, we want you to choose your piece of art!

    • Explore the kingdom of Chunk and choose your plot of land

    • Chunks will be viewable at the start of the auction


You will participate in a Land-Grab, fighting tooth and nails to snatch one of the 64 gen 1 Chunks. This event will be a bid-to-earn auction.

You want some Chunky details ?

  • You can choose which Chunk(s) you want to bid for (obviously)

  • Each bid is always 10% higher than the previous one - you can bid as much as you want as long as it's 10% more than the current bid

  • Click on the button next to the Chunk you want to grab to bid, then accept the transaction

  • When someone outbids you, you receive your bid back plus a bonus - it's automatically calculated and shown when you bid.

    • Formula: Bonus = 5% (outbid - current bid)

    • Note: When someone outbids you, you receive you your bid back plus the bonus *instantly* in your wallet

  • The Land-Grab will last for 24 hours. At the end of those 24 hours, the highest bid on each Chunk will receive the associated NFT

Some of you are smart and will try to game the system by bidding at the very last minute (second). Degenz are degenz. When someone bid in the last 3 minutes of the auction, 3 extra minutes are added to the countdown - the countdown may not update, but you can still bid as long as auction is not marked as "ended".

Note: each Chunk has its own separate countdown ! The end of our auctions are staggered to offer the best bidding wars on Fantom.

If the contract doesn't receive a bid within extra time, the auctions ends for this Chunk, and it goes to the highest bidder.

To sum it up:

1) Someone outbids you? You get your bid back + a bonus depending on your outbid

2) You have the highest bid? Congratulation, you get a Chunk

No matter what happens, you win !

  1. You get your bid back + 1%

  2. You get a Chunk in your collection

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