So you want to know how many Chunkies are living in the kingdom, and how you'll get your hands on one? You are at the right place!

Last time we checked, 3,333 Chunkies shared the Kingdom.

Chunky types

Out of these Chunkies, 3,309 have geared up using our generated assets.

The remaining 24? They are one of a kind. We can say it. They are unique. Some are honoraries Chunkies that will be given. Others will be sold through a Bid 2 Earn auction once their brothers all find their homes.

Chunky Distribution

Arround 2,900 Chunkies will be mintable at launch.

We won't have a standard mint. You'll get to choose between a few options to spice it up!

The remaining Chunkies will either be used for marketing, or will be given to our ChunkLords (Chunk owners)

We don't know the exact number of Chunkies that will be given to your ChunkLords as we will buyback some Chunkies for them using the funds from the 64th Chunk Bid2Earn - this should happen 1-2 weeks before we launch the mint.

Here's a detailed chart of our distribution :

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