Upon creating your character, you'll enter the Chunk Kingdom at the spawn point of the map.

From here, you can freely move and explore the Kingdom of Chunk.

A few recommendations and tips for your adventure :


  • You can move using the W A S D

  • Open your inventory with I

  • Open the character panel with C

  • Show the cursor with X

  • Interact with the world with E

  • Use your skills with 1,2,3...9

  • Attack your enemies with a left-click (Once you have a sword equipped)

Getting started

To start fighting, grab the sword right in front of you after spawning. You can press E when you are close to it to add the sword to your inventory.

Press "X" to show your cursor

Once it's there, right-click your "Wooden Sword" to equip it.

Once equipped, you can start attacking the goblins arround you. Explore a bit to find them.

You can attack by left-clicking, this will deal damage to an enemy in front of you, or you can try to use your different skills to deal damages.

If you are too close from the enemy, you won't be able to hit him

As you can see in your hotbar, you can use 4 different skills right from the beginning.

1) Health potion: Will heal you + gives some bonus stats

2) Dagger: Throw a dagger that deals damage

3) Mana potion: Replenishes your energy & your stamina

4) Swing: Pushes enemies away from you

Using skills will require a certain amount of energy (the yellow bar) and will put the skill under cooldown.

Make sure you are using them at the right moment!


By opening the talent tree, you'll get access to a wide variety of skills that will help you in your adventure. We will let you play with them and discover what's the best combo!

Note: Some skills have one or several requirements to unlock them

Note²: You gain a new skill point every time your character levels up

Note^3: You can remove a point from a skill by right-clicking it

To add a new skill to your hotbar, simply slide the desired skill to the slot you want to add it to.


First, you have to open the stats panel by clicking the "Stats" button

Note: To show the cursor, you can press escape

Once you do, you'll be able to manage your stats. You can click the green "+" button next to the stat you'd like to invest in to allocate 1 point to it.

Note: Those features different stats from those you can invest in when creating a character

Note²: You can remove points as you want by clicking the "-"



Swords can be looted by defeating enemies. Every time you kill an enemy, there's a chance it will drop a loot-bag. This one can contain a sword. You'll be able to equip by going to your inventory and right-clicking your new sword.

Note: Higher-level enemies have less chance to drop their stuff, however, they are more powerful!

Higher-level enemies have less chance to drop their stuff, however, they are more powerful!


Armors are looted by defeating dungeons. At the top of every dungeon, you'll find a piece of armor that you can equip just like a sword.

The harder the dungeon, the better the reward!

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